Sunday, May 4, 2014

I want to go.

It seriously has been almost 5 months since my last entry. Oh lordy. I need to make it a habit to start writing more entries! I am very active with doing things outside of work and school, me saying I don't have the time is the lamest excuse, I'm sorry. Anyways I totally want to go to this event in Sacramento. It's only $30. And I wish I had more friends in this area. HELL I wish I had more friends period. I feel like I've fallen off of tha face of the planet with many of them. But I do talk to the ones that matter. That's the most important thing right? Anyways here's the flyer if any of you are in the Sacramento area and would like to go. 

I'm not sure if I should mix my crafting and my personal life and my foodie adventures on here. I mean, I have been doing the separated accounts thing for a minute. We shall see. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello happy new year!

I kind of fell of the bandwagon with this whole blogspot deal. But I wanted to say hi and let ya'll know I'm still here :) And I wanted to share a video/ article and it definitely made me tear up.

Tear up? I definitely did. Oh life. 

I will share with you more about what goes on in my life. Crafty and personal. I would like to make at least 100 videos this year. WHEW 100? Can I do it? I think I can. I also want to do 100 new things and will share that too. Big or small. Even if it's just eating something new (which I feel a majority will be just that lol), so hello new year. New me? Not just yet but I'm working on it. I am getting over bronchitis. It's been a pain in the butt.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Vacation

Starts on Tuesday after my last final. I'm ready for this you have no idea. I want to say ADIOS to the most dreadful semester I ever had in my educational career. So much bullshit I had to deal with and worries about not passing a class. Anything less than a B for me is not passing. C is passing but not in the science world. Get with it. Or BOUNCE. I hate when people try to compare their pussy ass classes to mine. Like no dude, you don't have to put in hours to just stay up with your studies. You can BULLSHIT. This class, no bullshit allowed. As I'm having the worse cramp in my toes right now lol I have to say you got this Florence. You do. Make these finals your bitch. No sleep is fine, you have two more days. You're at the end of the stretch. YOU CAN DOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!


LOVE this song. On repeat right now as I study for this final of my life. Yeah.. let's go it's 1:20AM I'm sure I'll be up all night but it's cool :) Gotta do the damn thang.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Must clean living room, kitchen, and dining room table by tonight. I need maintenance done in my kitchen and I am a big weirdo about people coming here when it's messy. So for the next hour and a half I' going to clean up as much as this mess as I can. TRY and not to get side tracked. First: throw trash away. Second: build rack. Third: put stuff in rack. Fourth: make it to Target by 10PM.


School: Study for quiz. Start homework.  Make flash cards for 3 lecture notes.

I'll have a better entry post this week about stuff that I bought, did, whatever :D

Have a happy Sunday night everyone!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Parachute - Forever and Always

This song right here is my jam. It's currently on repeat. A lot of repeat lol.

Good morning America

 I am the biggest sore loser when it comes to basketball  I have stepped back from the light because it was seriously taking a toll on my emotional state of being (yes it's that serious). I'm sorry I'm a fan that's dedicated to her team, I will not be sorry when I speak back and say my piece while people are talking sh!t about Kobe Bryant. It's the most irritating thing, I get it because I am a Lebron James hater for life. I wanted him to never win a championship in his whole career. I wanted him to be the star that kept trying and failed miserably. But that didn't happen, and most of the time I shut my mouth about it. Because you're either a Kobe hater, or a Lebron hater. I still with my purple and gold. ALWAYS. What happened to Kobe Bryant is a really sad time in his career. All his hard work has been put into a holt. And such a serious injury for people to say he DESERVES it? Is down right cruel. No one deserves to end their season with a knee injury. An icon. I hope he recovers and comes back stronger next year, or the year after. I know he will come back fighting, it is Kobe Bryant that we're talking about here. His first home game I will attend. I haven't been to a Lakers game in almost 2 years. Sad day I know. Hm. Yeah that's about it :) Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. That's just my two cents.

And to my bay area friends. I aint got nothin but love for ya'll. But PLEASE stfu about the Warriors and how they deserve this. Everyone's team deserves something. Ya'll are on a great streak, but all of these wins are making ya'll big headed as fck and it's really irritating. Trust me, I haven't met a bigger fan of the bay sports than the person I am dating. I listen to it all the time. He's uncensored  He sends me text messages that PMO, he continues to rub wins in my face. But guess what? The Lakers will always come back and be able to go to the playoffs, the Warriors? Meh, it's based on luck. Ya'll talk trash and say Kobe carries the Lakers. What team doesn't have an all star? In this case, ALL STARS. In everyone's career I'm sure they'll dream of playing for the Lakers, because DUH it's the best fcking team around. Don't even get me started with the white, green, and gold. Oh my Athletics  Whom are doing AMAZING this season btw. Don't even bash on them I will CUT you. And I could care less for football. Which is the only mutual sport I can tolerate. God. People have big ass mouths. And I think it's hilarious when most of them don't even know the game at all. You attend one or two, don't really follow, you won't even be able to EXPLAIN let alone tell me your roster, um need I say more? GTFOH!

Yeah too early in the morning to be dealing with crazies.