Thursday, January 24, 2013

Le life.

There are times in life where you're going to hit a bump in the road, that bump seems to be getting bigger and bigger and when will they end? This semester is my last, well it was supposed to be at least. I didn't want to go to summer school but I suppose I may have to. The availability of courses are outrageous. I rather go through the path that I'm going, than in debt and struggling. Where to next? I always thought I wanted to go to San Francisco. Oh the city life. I love it there, but I'm a little hesitant on moving that direction because I don't want to hate that city. If I'm going to live there I want to ENJOY it. I want to be able to surround myself with the things that I love especially if I'm going to be there for a while. 

When people ask me about my path and what I have been doing and where I go, sometimes I just want to hand them my resume. It's interesting how people think jobs define them, or how their significant others job defines them is even more comical. The last time I checked, that's what THEY do, and not you. But people will be people. My job doesn't define me, a career is a little more different. I don't think some individuals know the difference. 

Why the change of blog sites? I eventually want to build something that's not filled with REBLOGS, tumblr is a good site for that. To display certain things that I like, but in the midst of scrolling, you were only able to find a few blog postings that I have done because it's so easy to just go on a clicking tangent and BAM BAM BAM, reblog, reblog, like. So I moved here, hello :) You'll find photos, health tips, recipes, crafts, etc. I want 2013 to be a change. I want to be more involved in my community, my friendships, my family, and just enjoy life. 

Last semester I was a walking zombie. The term "WORK HARD PLAY HARD" is kind of my theme for this year. I want to explore Sacramento more. I've been living here for a while now and I just stick to my bubble kind of. I really want to challenge myself and see what's out here. I mean people come all over the world to visit the capital of California and find themselves being quite disappointed, trust me I get disappointed too and I live here. There are many restaurants, a few bars here and there, but where are the hidden gems? That is my goal. To at least find 3 hidden gems a month. I'll also share my foodie experiences. Oh the love of food, now that's a whole other story, yes I'm trying to eat out less, and yes it's been working. But I can't stop eating. Life is too short to not taste the deliciousness out there. Ah, food it's such an art of it's own. I feel sorry for those who stick to one thing, I could never do that. So tomorrows Friday, and my goal after work is to go and see my nephew and spend time with him, I also would like to see my grandmother since it's been a quick minute. Then shoot back to good ol` Sacramento. Oh the joys of the 916.

Challenge for myself this weekend:
- Finish week 1 & 2 for project life
- Share with you two secrets about me
- 5 Photos that represent your city: PUBLIC CHALLENGE! I challenge you my friends to go around your city and capture how you define it in just 5 photographs
- Do a VLOG: oh my. Me? Record myself? This should be interesting.
- Show you my homework :) I'm such a nerd.
- My Pismo Beach 2 day get away vacation I took this past Sunday and Monday

I think that's a lot, but you know me I enjoy setting the bar pretty up there. 

WARNING: I love to use smiley faces, I type the way I talk, I over use "like", HELLA: duh I am from Nor Cal what do you expect? And I will talk about my boyfriend from time to time, just because I can :) Toodles, goodnight. 

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  1. Enjoy your mid-20s, girl! You're only young once ;)

    I'm now in my early 30s and wishing I could be forever 24...haha.

    - alexalgebra from Swap-Bot