Sunday, May 4, 2014

I want to go.

It seriously has been almost 5 months since my last entry. Oh lordy. I need to make it a habit to start writing more entries! I am very active with doing things outside of work and school, me saying I don't have the time is the lamest excuse, I'm sorry. Anyways I totally want to go to this event in Sacramento. It's only $30. And I wish I had more friends in this area. HELL I wish I had more friends period. I feel like I've fallen off of tha face of the planet with many of them. But I do talk to the ones that matter. That's the most important thing right? Anyways here's the flyer if any of you are in the Sacramento area and would like to go. 

I'm not sure if I should mix my crafting and my personal life and my foodie adventures on here. I mean, I have been doing the separated accounts thing for a minute. We shall see. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello happy new year!

I kind of fell of the bandwagon with this whole blogspot deal. But I wanted to say hi and let ya'll know I'm still here :) And I wanted to share a video/ article and it definitely made me tear up.

Tear up? I definitely did. Oh life. 

I will share with you more about what goes on in my life. Crafty and personal. I would like to make at least 100 videos this year. WHEW 100? Can I do it? I think I can. I also want to do 100 new things and will share that too. Big or small. Even if it's just eating something new (which I feel a majority will be just that lol), so hello new year. New me? Not just yet but I'm working on it. I am getting over bronchitis. It's been a pain in the butt.