Friday, February 8, 2013

Sacramento Foodie Review:

Today for my late lunch I decided to go and check out a Korean BBQ restaurant. It's not one of those sit down kind where you grill your own meat, it's more of an Americanized one where they have tacos, burritos, etc. The first time I experienced that type of cuisine was down in Los Angeles at the Kogi Taco Truck (still my favorite one of them all btw). But anywho, the area is on T street, and I'm sure they will have potential to be jam packed. For all I know is that they could be, but I went around 3PM so there was only a few people when I arrived. There's not that much seating on the inside, but outside there's more. They serve beer, which is a plus because many establishments like this just have your typical water and soda type of deal. You can find their menu on:

I really wanted to try their Nachos, but I wasn't in the mood, so I got their Kimchi fried rice. It was okay. It's one of the better ones that I have had that's for sure. I think I'm going to stay away from the whole Kimchi thing because not many places have good tasting fresh ones. Anywho, their fried rice is $5 with no meat, but additional $2 for meat. I wanted the marinated steak, which is also known as the Bulgogi. The meat was flavorful and quite a treat. Due to the size, I was only able to eat about 1/3 of it, but it made a great left over for dinner time. I will come back here to try something else though! Maybe nachos next time! And a side note, their house sauces are pretty good. Try it! By all means their "spicy" isn't spicy but it has a good amount of flavors. Their cupcakes looked yummy, but I don't really like cake, so that treat was out of the question. If they had some ice cream or some of their tres leches I would've but nope! More better reason to come next time right?

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