Thursday, March 28, 2013

Turned 27

I swear it seems like my last post was just yesterday. But it's been more than 3 weeks -_- FAIL! So just a little update before I get my day going. I just celebrated my 27th birthday on Sunday, and it couldn't be any more perfect. To some partying and doing it "big" seems to justify the amount of fun one has, but not for me. It doesn't take much to make me happy, and although I couldn't have all my loved ones in one room, I was able to see them throughout my day and that's what really mattered.

The AM I was able to see Matt before he headed out to work and had a quick breakfast. Immediately fell back asleep because I was that tired and I needed to get up 3 hours later to go to brunch with some friends. We went to The Fruit Yard in Modesto, Ca which was extremely tasty.They have a Sunday brunch that is a must try. It's a hidden gem in the boondocks, seriously I would've never been able to find this, nor would I even think of going here if my friend didn't bring me. Afterwards did some shopping and headed back to my parents house where I was greeted by my nephew and niece. For those who don't know, my niece and nephew are my world. They're my brothers children (I don't have kids of my own yet). My nephew called me prior that he wanted to buy me a cake, but I had to buy the cake because he doesn't have a job lol, mind you he's 3. So I came home immediately to smiles and play time. And of course the old geezer that I am, I wanted to take a nap. These kids wear me out! My mom asked me to come home for dinner and I did (my home town is about 1 hour from where I live). I love my moms BBQ and she made Adobo (Filipino dish). My brother and sister-in-law arrived shortly after.

The last time I spoke to my brother was July 2012 due to differences and arguments that I was just tired of dealing of. And we conversed for the first time. Some people may not agree with me on how I delt with the situation, but a gal can only get knocked down so many times before she says HEY FCK THIS, deuces. But we are on talking terms once again, for those who care/ know.

My nephews Cole and Riley and their mom Lisa (my cousins baby momma) came to take me out to get dessert. Mangonadas at Elsas in Stockton, Ca. If you haven't tried it, it's definitely a MUST! Oh so good. It was my second time trying it and I liked the first one lol, less lucas stuff. Anyways we did a few errands for her and then headed to my other cousins house. What's better than ending the night with laughter, cake, ice cream, and surrounded by some of your closest people in your life? I wouldn't have it any other way. Although not each and everyone was in the room at the end of night, thank you for partaking in my birthday. It really meant a lot to me that you guys took time throughout your day to make me smile. Thank you for the facebook comments, texts, phone calls, and messages.

Shoutouts to those who made my day extra special :)

I will be making multiple entry posts today about my past week and just adding photos here and there. Hope ya'll don't mind.

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